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Bug Fixes

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On this page you can download the latest fixes for GemBox.Presentation.

GemBox.Presentation 2.1 Bug Fixes
Version Fixed issues Release date .NET Framework 3.5 - 4.7 download
  • Fixed various issues with PPT reader.
(Full version:
  • Changed digest algorithm in digital signature to SHA256.
  • Fixed issue with reading text box record with zero size.
2019-01-03 NA
  • Fixed issue with unrecognized picture content type.
  • Fixed issue with reading duplicate information in PPT file.
2018-11-08 NA
  • Added support for updating model when row heights are calculated.
  • Fixed issue with text-box margin clipping in PDF writer.
2018-10-01 NA
  • Fixed various issues in PPTX reader and writer.
  • Fixed issue with non-placeholder shapes from master slide in PDF writer.
  • Added support for decimal plain list number type.
  • Fixed issue with paragraph numbering inside table cells.
  • Fixed issue with placeholders having same index but different type.
2018-07-16 NA
  • Fixed issue with reading shape from PPT file.
  • Added support for DigitalSignature.Certificate.
2018-05-04 NA
  • Added support for modification protection in PPTX files.
  • Fixed various issues in PDF writer.
  • Fixed issue with rendering empty paragraph on slide page.
  • Fixed issue with reading built-in table style in PPTX reader.
  • Fixed issue with cloning group shape and table.
2018-04-04 NA
  • Fixed issue with writing group shape layout.
  • Fixed various issues with images in PPT and PPTX files.
  • Fixed issue with shrinking TextBox text on overflow.
2018-01-22 NA
  • Added support for formatting individual drawings.
2017-11-13 NA
  • Fixed issue with linear gradients in PDF writer.
2017-09-12 NA
  • Fixed various issues in PPT reader.
  • Added support for linear gradients in PDF writer.
  • Added support for rendering slide background picture.
2017-08-16 NA
  • Fixed various issues with PPTX reader and writer.
  • Added support for ShrinkTextOnOverflow in PDF writer.
2017-06-02 NA
  • Fixed various issues with PDF writer.
  • Added support for PPTX encryption.
  • Added support for COM.
  • Added support for cloning.
2017-04-18 NA
  • Fixed issue with PPT reader.
2017-04-05 NA
  • Fixed various issues with PDF writer.
  • Added support for reading PPT files.
  • Fixed various issues with PPTX reader.
  • Added support for caching images in PDF writer.
  • Added support for BuiltInDocumentProperty.DateLastPrinted.
2017-03-27 NA
  • Release version.
2017-02-29 NA

GemBox.Presentation 1.0 Bug Fixes
Important note Important

This version is no longer supported. No new bug fixes will be released and this version is not technically supported.
To upgrade to the new version (and get new technical support) use our purchase page.
The version history is available on GemBox.Presentation Version History.

Version Fixed issues Release date .NET Framework 3.5 - 4.6 download
  • Fixed issue with setting Offset on TextCharacterFormat.
  • Fixed issue with TextBox formatting under TableCell.
(Full version:
  • Added support for notes.
  • Fixed various issues with PPTX reader and writer.
  • Added support for table styles.
  • Added support for document properties.
2017-01-21 NA
  • Release version.
2016-11-30 NA

How to install a hotfix

Global Assembly

If you installed GemBox.Presentation Setup and you're referencing GemBox.Presentation.dll from Global Assembly Cache (GAC), then download and install a newer version of:

Private Assembly

If you're referencing GemBox.Presentation.dll from some folder, then download the latest ZIP available above, for the GemBox.Presentation version that you have, and unpack it inside that folder.

NuGet Package

If you're using GemBox.Presentation.dll as package, then run the following command in NuGet Package Manager Console:

Update-Package GemBox.Presentation -Safe