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PdfCrossReferenceType Enumeration

Represents how cross-reference information (information about byte positions of the indirect objects) and indirect objects are stored in the PDF file.

Namespace:  GemBox.Pdf
Assembly:  GemBox.Pdf (in GemBox.Pdf.dll) Version:
public enum PdfCrossReferenceType
  Member nameValueDescription

Cross-reference information is stored as a list of cross-reference entries in a fixed format directly after all indirect objects and before PDF file trailer.

Use this option if file size is not an issue and you want to achieve the maximum portability of the PDF file.


(PDF 1.5) Cross-reference information is stored compactly in the cross-reference stream that is usually compressed and indirect objects can be stored compactly in object streams that are also usually compressed.

Use this option if file size is an issue and PDF file won't be opened by old PDF applications that do not support PDF version 1.5 such as Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat before version 6.0 that support PDF version 1.5 and were released on July 2003.

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