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PdfStream Properties

The PdfStream type exposes the following members.

Public propertyDecodedLength

(Optional; PDF 1.5) A non-negative Int32 representing the number of bytes in the decoded (defiltered) PdfStream. It can be used to determine, for example, whether enough disk space is available to write a PdfStream to a file.

This value shall be considered a hint only; for some stream filters, it may not be possible to determine this value precisely.

Public propertyDictionary
Gets the stream's dictionary.
Public propertyFilters
Gets the filters applied to this PdfStream.
Public propertyIsReadOnly
Gets a value indicating whether the PdfBasicContainer and all of its descendants are read-only.
(Inherited from PdfBasicContainer.)
Public propertyLength
(Required) The number of bytes from the beginning of the line following the keyword stream to the last byte just before the keyword endstream. (There may be an additional EOL marker, preceding endstream, that is not included in the count and is not logically part of the stream data.) See, "Stream Extent", for further discussion.
Public propertyObjectType
Gets the Stream value.
(Overrides PdfBasicObjectObjectType.)
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