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GemBox.Pdf.Objects Namespace

Contains classes, structures, interfaces and enumerations that implement basic types of PDF objects as specified in the PDF Specification ISO 32000-1:2008, section '7.3 Objects'.

The base class of all basic PDF object types is PdfBasicObject.

Public classPdfArray
Represents a one-dimensional collection of PdfBasicObjects arranged sequentially.
Public classPdfBasicCollection
Represents a base class for all basic PDF objects that are collections (PdfArray and PdfDictionary).
Public classPdfBasicContainer
Represents a base class for all mutable basic PDF objects.
Public classPdfBasicObject
Represents a base class for all basic PDF objects.
Public classPdfBasicValue
Represents a base class for all immutable basic PDF objects.
Public classPdfBoolean

Represents PDF logical values of and .

There are only two instances of this type and those are True and False.

Public classPdfDictionary
Represents an associative table containing pairs of PdfBasicObjects, known as the dictionary’s entries.
Public classPdfDictionaryKeyCollection
Represents the collection of keys in a PdfDictionary.
Public classPdfDictionaryValueCollection
Represents the collection of values in a PdfDictionary.
Public classPdfIndirectObject
Represents an indirect basic PDF object that other PdfBasicObjects can refer to (for example, as an element of an PdfArray or as the value of a PdfDictionary entry).
Public classPdfInteger
Represents an integer value PDF numeric object.
Public classPdfName
Represents an atomic symbol uniquely defined by a sequence of any characters (8-bit values) except null (character code 0).
Public classPdfNumber
Represents a PDF numeric object.
Public classPdfObjectExtensions
Provides access to low level PdfDictionary and PdfArray objects that are used as a backing storage of PdfObject and PdfCollection derived types.
Public classPdfStream
Represents a sequence of bytes. PdfStream consists of a Dictionary and a Length number of bytes that represent, a potentially and usually encoded, stream's data.
Public classPdfString
Represents a basic PDF object that consists of a series of zero or more bytes.
Public enumerationPdfBasicObjectType
Represents a type of PdfBasicObject.
Public enumerationPdfStreamDataMode
Specifies how PdfStream should be opened.
Public enumerationPdfStreamDataState
Specifies the state of the PdfStream data.
Public enumerationPdfStringForm
Represents a form in which PdfString object shall be written.