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GemBox.Pdf.Filters Namespace

Contains classes, structures and enumerations that implement PDF stream filters as specified in the PDF Specification ISO 32000-1:2008, section '7.4 Filters'.

The base class of all PDF stream filters is PdfFilter.

Public classInvalidPdfFilterEncodedDataException
Represents errors that occur when filter decoder encounters an invalid sequence of bytes.
Public classPdfCCITTFaxDecodeFilter
The CCITTFaxDecode filter decodes image data that has been encoded using either Group 3 or Group 4 CCITT facsimile(fax) encoding.
Public classPdfCryptFilter
The Crypt filter (PDF 1.5) allows the document-level security handler (see 7.6, "Encryption") to determine which algorithms should be used to decrypt the input data.
Public classPdfDCTDecodeFilter
The DCTDecode filter decodes grayscale or color image data that has been encoded in the JPEG baseline format.
Public classPdfFilter
Represents a base class for all PDF filters used to encode and decode the sequence of bytes.
Public classPdfFilterCollection
Represents a collection of PdfFilters.
Public classPdfFlateDecodeFilter
The FlateDecode filter decode data that has been encoded using the public-domain zlib/deflate compression method, which is a variable length Lempel-Ziv adaptive compression method cascaded with adaptive Huffman coding. It is fully defined in Internet RFCs 1950, ZLIB Compressed Data Format Specification, and 1951, DEFLATE Compressed Data Format Specification.
Public classPdfJBIG2DecodeFilter
The JBIG2Decode filter (PDF 1.4) decodes monochrome (1 bit per pixel) image data that has been encoded using JBIG2 encoding.
Public classPdfLZWDecodeFilter
The LZWDecode filter decode data that has been encoded using the LZW (Lempel-Ziv-Welch) variable-length, adaptive compression method that has been adopted as one of the standard compression methods in the Tag Image File Format (TIFF) standard. For details on LZW encoding see, "Details of LZW Encoding."
Public classPdfUnknownFilter
Represents a non-standard PdfFilter.
Public enumerationPdfCryptFilterName
Represents an enumeration of standard PdfCryptFilter names.
Public enumerationPdfFilterType
Represents an enumeration of standard PdfFilters.
Public enumerationPdfPredictorFunction
Represents a predictor function that can be applied to PdfLZWDecodeFilter or PdfFlateDecodeFilter data to make the encoded data more compact.