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HeaderId Enumeration

An enumeration of standard MIME header identifiers.

Namespace:  GemBox.Email.Mime
Assembly:  GemBox.Email (in GemBox.Email.dll) Version:
public enum HeaderId
  Member nameValueDescription
Custom0 The custom header.
Extension1 The extension header.
Version10 The MIME-Version header.
Date11 The Date header.
From12 The From header.
Sender13 The Sender header.
To14 The To header.
Cc15 The Cc header.
Bcc16 The Bcc header.
MessageId17 The Message-ID header.
ResentDate18 The Resent-Date header.
ResentFrom19 The Resent-From header.
ResentSender20 The Resent-Sender header.
ResentTo21 The Resent-To header.
ResentCc22 The Resent-Cc header.
ResentBcc23 The Resent-Bcc header.
ResentMessageId24 The Resent-Message-ID header.
ReplyTo25 The Reply-To header.
InReplyTo26 The In-Reply-To header.
References27 The References header.
Subject28 The Subject header.
Comments29 The Comments header.
Keywords30 The Keywords header.
ReturnPath31 The Return-Path header.
Received32 The Received header.
ContentType33 The Content-Type header.
ContentDisposition34 The Content-Disposition header.
ContentTransferEncoding35 The Content-Transfer-Encoding header.
ContentDescription36 The Content-Description header.
ContentId37 The Content-ID header.
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