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ImapFolderStatus Class

Represents an IMAP folder status.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  GemBox.Email.Imap
Assembly:  GemBox.Email (in GemBox.Email.dll) Version:
public sealed class ImapFolderStatus

The ImapFolderStatus type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCount
Gets mail message count for the folder.
Public propertyFlags
Gets the defined folder flags.
Public propertyIsReadOnly
Gets a value indicating whether folder is read only.
Public propertyName
Gets the folder name.
Public propertyPermanentFlags
Gets the permanent folder flags.
Public propertyRecent
Gets the number of mail messages with \Recent flag set.
Public propertyUidNext
Gets the next unique identifier value.
Public propertyUidValidity
Gets the unique identifier validity value.
Public propertyUnseen
Gets the message number of fist unseen mail message in the folder.
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