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ImapFolderFlag Enumeration

An enumeration of IMAP folder flags.

Namespace:  GemBox.Email.Imap
Assembly:  GemBox.Email (in GemBox.Email.dll) Version:
public enum ImapFolderFlag
  Member nameValueDescription
NoInferiors0 Folder cannot have any subfolders.
NoSelect1 Folder cannot be selected.
Marked2 Folder has new messages since last time it was selected.
Unmarked3 Folder doesn't have new messages since last time it was selected.
NonExistent4 Folder doesn't exist or cannot be used as folder.
Subscribed5 Folder is subscribed.
Remote6 Remote folder.
HasChildren7 Folder has subfolders.
HasNoChildren8 Folder doesn't have any subfolders.
Inbox9 Inbox folder.
All10 All mail folder.
Archive11 Archive folder.
Drafts12 Drafts folder.
Flagged13 Flagged or starred folder.
Junk14 Junk or spam folder.
Sent15 Sent mail folder.
Trash16 Deleted mail folder.
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