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ImapClient Properties

The ImapClient type exposes the following members.

Public propertyConnectTimeout
Gets or sets the connect timeout.
Public propertyHost
Gets the server address.
Public propertyIdleEnabled
Gets whether or not IDLE mode is enabled.
Public propertyIsAuthenticated
Gets whether or not client is authenticated.
Public propertyIsConnected
Gets whether or not client is connected to remote server.
Public propertyLogOutput
Gets or sets the log output writer.
Public propertyPort
Gets the server IP port.
Public propertyReadTimeout
Gets or sets the read timeout.
Public propertySecurity
Gets the current connection security mode.
Public propertySelectedFolder
Gets the currently selected IMAP folder.
Public propertySupportedAuthentications
Gets collection of supported authentication mechanisms.
Public propertySupportedCapabilities
Gets the collection of supported capabilities.
Public propertyWriteTimeout
Gets or sets the write timeout.
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