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GemBox.Email.Mime Namespace

Contains classes, structures, enumerations and interfaces which represent various Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) objects. These objects are used by MailMessage and Attachment classes.
Public classContentEntity
Represents MIME entity with single body.
Public classEntity
Provides the abstract base class for MIME entities.
Public classHeader
Represents MIME entity header.
Public classHeaderCollection
Represents a collection of MIME Header elements.
Public classHeaders
Contains common header names and methods for extracting header name from HeaderId and vice versa.
Public classMediaTypes
Contains most commonly used MediaType values.
Public classMultipartEntity
Represents MIME entity with multiple body parts.
Public structureMediaType
Represents formated MIME media type value.
Public enumerationContentDispositionType
An enumeration of Content-Disposition header values.
Public enumerationHeaderId
An enumeration of standard MIME header identifiers.
Public enumerationTransferEncodingType
An enumeration of MIME transfer encoding types.