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GemBox.Email Namespace

Contains classes needed to compose MailMessage. It also contains all licensing classes.
Public classAttachment
Represents a mail message attachment.
Public classAttachmentCollection
Represents a collection of MailMessage attachments.
Public classComponentInfo
Contains static licensing methods and diagnostic information about executing GemBox.Email assembly.
Public classFreeLimitEventArgs
Provides data for the FreeLimitReached event.
Public classFreeLimitReachedException
Exception that occurs when free limit is reached.
Public classLicenseException
Represents an exception which is thrown when there is a problem with license key.
Public classMailAddress
Represents MIME mail (mailbox) address.
Public classMailAddressCollection
Represents a collection of MailAddress elements.
Public classMailAddressValidator
Contains static methods for mail address validation.
Public classMailMerge
Contains methods for mail merge; creating multiple messages based on a template message and variable data.
Public classMailMessage
Represents an email message.
Public classMailMessageCollection
Represents a collection of MailMessage elements.
Public classTerminatedEventArgs
Provides data for the Terminated, Terminated and Terminated events.
Public interfaceIMailMergeDataSource
Represents a mail merge data source. By adapting your custom data source to implement this interface, you can use it as a data source in mail merging.
Public enumerationFreeLimitReachedAction
Type of action that can be chosen when free limit is reached.
Public enumerationMailAddressValidationStatus
An enumeration of mail address validation statuses.
Public enumerationMailMessageFormat
An enumeration of supported MailMessage formats.