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GemBox.Email is a .NET component that provides an easy and high performance way for creating, sending, receiving, and processing emails. GemBox.Email supports the SMTP, POP and IMAP protocols so you can use it for connecting to all major email providers. It also supports loading and saving emails in MSG, EML, MHTML and Mbox formats, so you can store your emails exactly as they were received from the email server, with all of their headers and attachments.

GemBox.Spreadsheet has the following characteristics:

Rich Set of Features

GemBox.Email allows you to:

  • Compose simple and complex mail messages with attachments and alternate forms of the message body (text and HTML).

  • Examine and modify mail message structure and headers using an advanced MIME model.

  • List or download mail messages using the POP or IMAP protocol.

  • Send mail messages using the SMTP protocol.

  • Save and load mail messages to and from a file or a stream.

  • Validate single or a collection of mail addresses.

  • Perform mail merge.

  • Save and load calendars in iCalendar format.

  • Create calendar events, tasks, reminders and send them in an email.

Unified Programming Interface

GemBox.Email provides a single programming interface for multiple protocols (POP, IMAP, and SMTP), which makes it possible to receive a message using one protocol and send it using another. There is no need for mappings between different models or several components.

To help you get started coding with GemBox.Email, see Hello World Example.

Plain and Fair Licensing

We don't charge you additional server licenses. You can use our component for an unlimited number of projects (you don’t need to purchase additional "OEM licenses"). Nor do we force you to purchase subscription packages.

Our licensing is very simple; every developer working with our component needs to be covered by a developer license. We don't care if it is a Windows or a web application, how many servers you use or if you have just one or millions of customers.

For more information about evaluating and licensing GemBox.Email, see Evaluation and Licensing.

High Performance

With GemBox.Email you will experience high performance composing, receiving, sending and other email processing related tasks.

Simple and Intuitive API

GemBox.Email is designed and developed to conform to Microsoft standards and best practices for developing .NET libraries.

Since MIME is quite a complex standard, some components have a very complicated API as a result. On the other hand, APIs like System.Net.Mail have a very simple yet limited API. GemBox.Email provides both. The top layer API is simple and intuitive, while the lower one exposes the MIME model, which can be used for advanced and more complex operations. They are synchronized with each other, so you can mix them in your code, without worrying if all the settings will be applied.

For more information on GemBox.Email model, see Fundamentals.