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Bug Fixes

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On this page you can download the latest fixes for GemBox.Email.

GemBox.Email 1.3 Bug Fixes
Version Fixed issues Release date .NET Framework 3.5 - 4.7 download .NET Standard 2.0 download
  • Fixed issue with creating a reply email.
  • Fixed issue with BCC addresses when sending messages via SmtpClient.
(Full version:
(Full version:
  • Added support for attachment-only email message.
  • Added support for client constructors that simplify specifying of port number.
  • Added support for S/MIME reading.
  • Fixed issues with boundary and content-id reading.
2018-09-25 NA NA
  • Fixed issue with sending a MailMessage to large number of recipients.
  • Fixed issue with upgrading MailMessage's entity from ContentEntity to MultipartEntitiy.
  • Fixed issue with MOVE command in ImapClient.
2018-07-16 NA NA
  • Fixed various issues with reading and writing MSG emails.
  • Fixed issue with DNS resolution when connection host is an IP address.
2018-05-04 NA NA
  • Added support for specifying timeouts in POP, IMAP and SMTP clients.
  • Fixed issue with empty header parameters.
2018-04-04 NA NA
  • Release version.
2018-03-07 NA NA

GemBox.Email 1.1 Bug Fixes
Version Fixed issues Release date .NET Framework 3.0 - 4.7 download
  • Fixed various issues with reading and writing MSG emails.
  • Added support for embedded mail messages in MSG format.
(Full version:
  • Added support for non-standard dates.
  • Fixed issue with 'CPxxxx' text encoding.
  • Fixed issue with duplicate mail address collection update.
2018-04-04 NA
  • Added simplified constructors for MailMessage and MailAddress.
  • Fixed issue with mail address parsing.
  • Fixed issue with reading workflow MSG email.
  • Added support for DnsLogger.
  • Fixed issue with header parsing.
2018-01-22 NA
  • Fixed issue with mail message attachment parsing.
  • Fixed issue with retrieving emails using IMAP.
  • Fixed issue with reading empty headers in MSG format.
  • Added support for an optional 'from' in MailMessage.
  • Fixed issue with reading email's boundary value.
  • Added 'X-Unsent' as default header when creating new mail message.
2017-11-13 NA
  • Fixed issue with reading MSG file's headers.
  • Added support for SMTP authentication with empty username and password.
  • Fixed issue with reading email messages with Active Directory internal addresses.
2017-08-16 NA
  • Fixed issue with reading large email via POP and IMAP.
2017-06-02 NA
  • Fixed issue with ImapClient.SaveMessage method.
  • Fixed issue with authenticating to Gmail account.
  • Fixed issue with POP connection to Gmail account.
2017-03-21 NA
  • Added support for MSG file format.
  • Added MoveMessage methods to Imap client.
  • Added communication logging support to PopClient, ImapClient and SmtpClient.
2016-12-06 NA
  • Fixed issue with allowing plain text body lines to be longer than 80 chars.
2016-08-25 NA
  • Added mail address validation feature.
  • Added mail merge feature.
  • Added support for MHTML file format.
2016-03-23 NA
  • Release version.
2016-02-15 NA

How to install a hotfix

Global Assembly

If you installed GemBox.Email Setup and you're referencing GemBox.Email.dll from Global Assembly Cache (GAC), then download and install a newer version of:

Private Assembly

If you're referencing GemBox.Email.dll from some folder, then download the latest ZIP available above, for the GemBox.Email version that you have, and unpack it inside that folder.

NuGet Package

If you're using GemBox.Email.dll as package, then run the following command in NuGet Package Manager Console:

Update-Package GemBox.Email -Safe