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TableOfEntries Class

Represents a Table of Entries field, such as Table of Contents, Table of Figures, Table of Authorities, Index or Bibliography.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  GemBox.Document
Assembly:  GemBox.Document (in GemBox.Document.dll) Version:
public sealed class TableOfEntries : Block, 

The TableOfEntries type exposes the following members.

Public propertyContent
Gets the content of the current Element.
(Inherited from Element.)
Public propertyDocument
Gets the owner document.
(Inherited from Element.)
Public propertyElementType
Gets the ElementType of this Element instance.
(Overrides ElementElementType.)
Public propertyEntries
Gets the table's entries.
Public propertyFieldType
Gets the field type.
Public propertyInstructionText
Gets or sets the field's instruction text (switches).
Public propertyIsDirty
Gets or sets a value indicating whether this TableOfEntries is invalid and, because of that, it should be updated.
Public propertyParent
Gets the parent Section of this TableOfEntries instance.
Public propertyParentCollection
Gets the BlockCollection that contains this Block instance.
(Inherited from Block.)
Public methodClone
Clones this TableOfEntries instance.
Public methodGetChildElements(Boolean)
Gets the child elements.
(Inherited from Element.)
Public methodGetChildElements(Boolean, ElementType)
Gets the child elements filtered by ElementType.
(Inherited from Element.)
Public methodUpdate
Performs an update on TOC (Table of Contents) field.
Explicit Interface Implementations

TableOfEntries is a Block element used to define fields that span more than one InlineCollection, as opposite to Field element that represent a fields that span only through single InlineCollection.

Supported field types are: Index, TOC, TOA and Bibliography.

TableOfEntries is a content element with TableOfEntries.Entries as a content property that accepts only Paragraphs.

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