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Color Structure

Represents a color.

Namespace:  GemBox.Document
Assembly:  GemBox.Document (in GemBox.Document.dll) Version:
public struct Color : IEquatable<Color>

The Color type exposes the following members.

Public methodColor(Int32)
Initializes a new instance of the Color struct.
Public methodColor(Byte, Byte, Byte)
Initializes a new instance of the Color struct.
Public propertyB
Gets the blue component of this Color instance.
Public propertyG
Gets the green component of this Color instance.
Public propertyIsEmpty
Gets a value indicating whether this Color instance is empty.
Public propertyR
Gets the red component of this Color instance.
Public operatorStatic memberEquality
Determines whether first and second Colors are equal.
Public operatorStatic memberInequality
Determines whether first and second Colors are not equal.
Public fieldStatic memberBlack
Represents a black color (RGB = 0x000000).
Public fieldStatic memberBlue
Represents a blue color (RGB = 0x0000FF).
Public fieldStatic memberBrown
Represents a brown color (RGB = 0xA52A2A).
Public fieldStatic memberCyan
Represents a cyan color (RGB = 0x00FFFF).
Public fieldStatic memberDarkBlue
Represents a dark blue color (RGB = 0x000080).
Public fieldStatic memberDarkCyan
Represents a dark cyan color (RGB = 0x008080).
Public fieldStatic memberDarkGray
Represents a dark gray color (RGB = 0x808080).
Public fieldStatic memberDarkGreen
Represents a dark green color (RGB = 0x008000).
Public fieldStatic memberDarkMagenta
Represents a dark magenta color (RGB = 0x800080).
Public fieldStatic memberDarkRed
Represents a dark red color (RGB = 0x800000).
Public fieldStatic memberDarkYellow
Represents a dark yellow color (RGB = 0x808000).
Public fieldStatic memberEmpty
Represents an empty color (RGB = 0x000000).
Public fieldStatic memberGray
Represents a gray color (RGB = 0x808080).
Public fieldStatic memberGreen
Represents a green color (RGB = 0x00FF00).
Public fieldStatic memberLightGray
Represents a light gray color (RGB = 0xC0C0C0).
Public fieldStatic memberMagenta
Represents a magenta color (RGB = 0xFF00FF).
Public fieldStatic memberOrange
Represents an orange color (RGB = 0xFFA500).
Public fieldStatic memberPink
Represents a pink color (RGB = 0xFFC0CB).
Public fieldStatic memberPurple
Represents a purple color (RGB = 0x800080).
Public fieldStatic memberRed
Represents a red color (RGB = 0xFF0000).
Public fieldStatic memberWhite
Represents a write color (RGB = 0xFFFFFF).
Public fieldStatic memberYellow
Represents a yellow color (RGB = 0xFFFF00).

We deliberately didn't use Color structure from System.Drawing or any other assembly, because we wanted to expose GemBox.Document public interface through only GemBox.Document types and .NET BCL (base class library).

Because of it, GemBox.Document can be used in a various project types, like WPF, Windows Forms, ASP.NET, WCF without a need to reference System.Drawing assembly which is a Windows Forms specific.

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