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BookmarkCollection Class

Represents a collection of Bookmarks.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  GemBox.Document
Assembly:  GemBox.Document (in GemBox.Document.dll) Version:
public sealed class BookmarkCollection : IList<Bookmark>, 
	ICollection<Bookmark>, IEnumerable<Bookmark>, IEnumerable

The BookmarkCollection type exposes the following members.


BookmarkCollection is used in a DocumentModel.Bookmarks property.

DocumentModel.Bookmarks collection contains all bookmarks in the document. Use DocumentModel.Bookmarks collection to retrieve a Bookmark with a specified name, iterate over all bookmarks or remove a bookmark.

Bookmarks are usually used in a conjunction with Hyperlinks or Fields for navigating to a bookmarked part of the document or to render a page number (or some other information) of a bookmarked part of the document. For more information, see Bookmarks and Hyperlinks example.


Following example shows how to insert a bookmarked content to a document, and later retrieve and delete it through DocumentModel.Bookmarks collection.

// Create a new empty document.
var doc = new DocumentModel();

// Insert a bookmarked text.
    new Section(doc, 
        new Paragraph(doc, 
            new BookmarkStart(doc, "MyBookmark"), 
            new Run(doc, "My bookmarked text"), 
            new BookmarkEnd(doc, "MyBookmark"))));

// Retrieve a bookmark.
var myBookmark = doc.Bookmarks["MyBookmark"];

// Delete a bookmark. Deletes BookmarkStart and BookmarkEnd elements. Content that was bookmarked will not be deleted!
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