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DigitalSignatureSaveOptionsSignature Property

Gets or sets the signature.

Namespace:  GemBox.Document
Assembly:  GemBox.Document (in GemBox.Document.dll) Version:
public DrawingElement Signature { get; set; }

Property Value

Type: DrawingElement
The signature.

If value is , then digital signature won't have any visual representation.

Signature is not drawn in the same layer as the rest of the page, but in a layer above the page. Signature's position, specified through Layout, is always relative to SignatureLine. So, if signature's layout is InlineLayout, then signature will have the same bottom-left position as the SignatureLine (they will both be in the same line). If signature layout is FloatingLayout, then signature will be positioned relative to SignatureLine regardless whether horizontal/vertical anchor is Page, Column, Paragraph, Line or Character.

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