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GemBox.Document.MailMerging Namespace

Contains types specific to mail merging - a process of importing data from various data sources into the document.
Public classFieldMappingDictionary
Represents a dictionary that is used in mail merge when Fields and data source columns have different names.
Public classFieldMergingEventArgs
Provides data for the FieldMerging event.
Public classMailMerge
Represents a class that is used for mail merging - an operation by which DocumentModel may work in conjunction with data from an external data source, importing this data into a DocumentModel according to a set of codes contained in DocumentModel known as Fields.
Public interfaceIMailMergeDataSource
Represents a mail merge data source. By adapting your custom data source to implement this interface, you can use it as a data source in mail merging.
Public enumerationMailMergeClearOptions
Mail merge options used to specify if unused fields or empty ranges or empty paragraphs should be removed in the mail merge process.