Unit Conversion

In GemBox.Document all dimensional properties like size, margins, spacing and indentation use points as a measurement unit.

For convenience, GemBox.Document provides a LengthUnitConverter utility class that can convert values between different measurement units. With it you can use the units you're most comfortable with like pixel, pica, inch and centimeter.

The following example shows how you can convert points to all other measurement units.

Document's page size in all measurement units
Screenshot of document's page size in different units
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using GemBox.Document;
using System;

class Program
    static void Main()
        // If using the Professional version, put your serial key below.

        var document = DocumentModel.Load("%InputFileName%");
        var pageSetup = document.Sections[0].PageSetup;

        double widthInPoints = pageSetup.PageWidth;
        double heightInPoints = pageSetup.PageHeight;

        Console.WriteLine("Document's page size in different units:");

        foreach (LengthUnit unit in Enum.GetValues(typeof(LengthUnit)))
            double convertedWidth = LengthUnitConverter.Convert(widthInPoints, LengthUnit.Point, unit);
            double convertedHeight = LengthUnitConverter.Convert(heightInPoints, LengthUnit.Point, unit);
            Console.WriteLine($"{convertedWidth} x {convertedHeight} {unit.ToString().ToLowerInvariant()}");
Imports GemBox.Document
Imports System

Module Program

    Sub Main()

        ' If using the Professional version, put your serial key below.

        Dim document = DocumentModel.Load("%InputFileName%")
        Dim pageSetup = document.Sections(0).PageSetup

        Dim widthInPoints As Double = pageSetup.PageWidth
        Dim heightInPoints As Double = pageSetup.PageHeight

        Console.WriteLine("Document's page size in different units:")

        For Each unit As LengthUnit In [Enum].GetValues(GetType(LengthUnit))

            Dim convertedWidth As Double = LengthUnitConverter.Convert(widthInPoints, LengthUnit.Point, unit)
            Dim convertedHeight As Double = LengthUnitConverter.Convert(heightInPoints, LengthUnit.Point, unit)
            Console.WriteLine($"{convertedWidth} x {convertedHeight} {unit.ToString().ToLowerInvariant()}")


    End Sub
End Module

The LengthUnitConverter.Convert method converts:

  • 1 pixel to 0.75 points.
  • 1 inch to 72 points.
  • 1 millimeter to ~2.83 points.
  • 1 centimeter to ~28.3 points.
  • 1 pica to 12 points.
  • 1 twip to 0.05 points.
  • 1 emu to ~7.87e-5 points.

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