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TableOfEntriesClone Method
Clones this TableOfEntries instance.

Namespace: GemBox.Document
Assembly: GemBox.Document (in GemBox.Document.dll) Version:
public TableOfEntries Clone(
	bool cloneDescendants


Type: SystemBoolean
If set to clone all descendants recursively; otherwise clone only current TableOfEntries.

Return Value

Type: TableOfEntries
Cloned TableOfEntries.

Document content element instance can exist only in a one place in the document.

If you want to insert document content element into some other part of the same document, then clone the element and insert its clone.

If you want to insert document content element into another document, then you should first import it into another document with ImportT(T, Boolean, Boolean) method and then insert the imported element.

For more information, see cloning sample.

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