Customer Testimonials

“We are a company providing Enterprise Digital Pen & Paper Solutions. We use GemBox.Spreadsheet to provide comprehensive reports to clients showing Hand Written Recognition data extracted out of Digital Forms. GemBox.Spreadsheet is easy to use, very coherent in its features and best of all its hugely performant. We see no significant spikes in CPU or RAM when we run large reports and they run really, really fast.”

Marshall Brooke, Senior Technical Architect at Digital Field Solutions


“GemBox Technical Support is wonderful. They’re responsive and incredibly helpful by providing code snippets and examples. I’ve never had to go back to them twice for the same issue because the issue wasn’t addressed correctly. Congratulations on such a useful product and superior customer support!”

Aimee Stinson, .NET Specialist at Xperts, Inc.


“This is the ideal product for anyone looking to easily add spreadsheet generation to their application. Any developer or project manager considering implementing Excel automation needs to download the trial of GemBox.Spreadsheet.”

Nathan A. Baylor, Director of Information Technology at Avalon Risk Management, Inc.


“To say that I am happy with the GemBox.Document purchase is an understatement. Not only does it do what I had hoped it would, but it also does a lot more and I probably haven’t even touched the surface. I have also had the need to contact technical service twice, and both time they have gotten back to me in less than a day and solved my problem. I cannot speak highly enough of your product and customer service, and I am telling my developer friends all about it!”

Greg Harshman, Purchasing & Software Developer at PFB America Corp.